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Reduce indoor air pollution and experience purer air. CalBarrier uses groundbreaking technology to create an air-tight seal in your home with unmatched precision.

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Eliminate Air Leaks
With CalBarrier

Our energy experts are upfront and honest. In all of our installations, we are as transparent as possible, taking on the role of educators because we want to help people understand the science behind our products. The foundation upon which we build our brand is based on communication. When you experience a house with zero air leaks, you are the ultimate beneficiary. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.

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Trustworthy Air Sealing Consultations

CalBarrier provides interior air sealing that improves the conditions of your home. Review our services, listed below.

Pioneering a Healthier Environment
One Home At A Time

We believe that it’s essential to control the air coming into the house cleanly and sustainably to ensure the highest level of health and comfortability. At CalBarrier, it is our mission to provide industry leaders with the most advanced air barrier technology available.

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3 Reasons
To Air Seal

  1. A tighter air seal will control what is entering your home and what you are breathing in.
  2. Air sealing your home enables a healthier living environment while saving you money each and every month.
  3. The entire home’s insulation will work more efficiently and enable increased comfort to the homeowner.


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